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Fish Sticks Comedy

Friday, December 10th, Doors open at 6 pm show starts at 7 pm

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Fish Sticks Comedy is one of the largest, always-all age-appropriate improv comedy teams in the US.  Although few improv troupes last more than a few years, and even fewer continue to grow and progress in what they do, let alone do it during a pandemic — but that’s what’s happened within Fish Sticks.  Some of that certainly is attributable to the fun and funny people within our troupe has to do with where we’ve come from (and you can read a bit more about our history if you wish) – but even more, has come from understanding who we are and how we serve.

It starts with our unique approach to improv – something we call “other-centered improv.”  We can share more of the importance of that philosophy, but in short, it means that everything we do, on-stage or off, is for someone else first.  It sounds like a little thing, but it has a profound impact.  We can promise diva-free experiences because we care more about our event hosts accomplishing their goals than getting a certain amount of prominence in the evening.  We care more about the experience of each audience member than getting an easy laugh at someone’s expense or making someone uncomfortable by pulling them onstage.  And because we care more about each other than ourselves, our improv is better, too.

We’ve also established a unique mission for an improv team — we want to connect people to each other and their communities through improv.  Yes, we will make your audience’s cheeks hurt from laughing, but we are more than entertainment.  We create community experiences.  We connect with our audiences like no other improv troupe, and we connect our audiences to our show hosts and each other in ways that no one else does — in part because that’s not generally their goal.

The best way to experience Fish Sticks is in person at a show or at a workshop — but the next best way is to reach out and connect with us.  We promise to take good care of you, be creative with respect to helping you accomplish your goals for your upcoming event, and give you perhaps the most professional experience in dealing with comedians. 

Jason Gray
Friday, February 18th, Doors open at 6 pm, show starts at 7 pm ( VIP access before the doors open)
Jason Gray returns to the stage at Dwelling 2:22, featuring new songs and a new show.  Hailing from Minnesota, his journey to being a household name in Christian music was not an easy one. Like many “overnight successes”, Jason started in youth ministry in 1993 before launching his full-time music ministry. It wasn’t until 2007, when his album, “Everything Sad is Coming Untrue” climbed into the top 20 before he was starting to make waves.
2010 brought “MORE LIKE FALLING IN LOVE” which topped out at #5 and then the song for which he is best known (so far), “REMIND ME WHO I AM” came out in 2011 and made it to #4. His latest album, ORDER, DISORDER, REORDER is a three-CD set that tracks his journey and resonates with many of us.
Tickets are $15-general admission; $25-VIP/early in and are available at iTickets or by calling 920-267-7707 (to avoid ticketing fees).

Scott Wesley Brown
Friday, March 4th, Doors open at 6 pm, concert starts at 7 pm
Legendary Christian artist, Scott Wesley Brown brings his iconic sound to the stage at Dwelling 2:22 on Friday, March 4th , 2022. A prolific lyricist, his songs have been covered by Petra, Pat Boone, Bruce Carroll, Sandy Patty, Amy Grant, and even Domingo Placido Domingo. He has recorded 25 albums and played in 50 countries. However, so that EVERYONE who wants to attend may come, there will be NO CHARGE for this concert, but a free-will love offering will be taken.
The titles may not ring a bell, but when the song starts, you will find yourself singing along. Outside of keeping a very busy concert schedule, he has served as a worship pastor in San Diego, taught many worship and mission seminars, and was ordained in 1998.
Some of the songs you may be familiar with include “Yeshua Ha Maschiach”, “Keep the Son in Your Eyes”, “He Will Carry You”, “When Answers Aren’t Enough”, “All Rise”, “Look What God is Doing” and his funny, yet convicting, “Please Don’t Send Me to Africa”. One of the first artists to play Lifest, he also wrote numerous worship songs for the PromiseKeepers in the ’90s including “Godly Men”, featured at their 1995 nationwide conferences. He has been nominated to receive Dove Awards, six times

Friday, March 18th, Doors open at pm and the concert starts at 7 pm
Adelaide (Laura) is at it again! She is excited to be releasing a solo album and sharing the new songs (along with singing favorites from past albums) with YOU!  So that EVERYONE who wants to attend may come, there will be NO CHARGE for this concert, but a free-will love offering will be taken.
Nationally known, internationally followed, she has scored hits with “FEET OF JESUS”, “DEEP WATERS”, “THE BIGGER PICTURE”, “STRONG+BRAVE”, and “MY MIRACLE” (with JJ Weeks). Veterans of FIVE appearances at Lifest, numerous national tours, and several highly acclaimed and received CDs. She will ignite the stage with passion, purpose, and God’s power. You know her sound, you know her heart, you know her ministry, so come out and celebrate the new project and worship, one night only in Oshkosh @ Dwelling 2:22.