Christian Hard Core Match Up- 3 Bands!!!

Friday, February 19th, Starting at 6:30 PM, Doors open at 6 PM  

TICKETS $12.00 

Bands include Blue Fire Horizon, Jon the Revalaytor, and DAV! Join us for a night of great music and fellowship! 


Blue fire Horizon starting at 6:30 PM

A new metalcore band from Fond du Lac, they burst
on the scene last summer with their new EP, “DOWN WITH LEVIATHAN,” played extensively on Q-90, they kicked off
their careers with an EP Release Party at Dwelling 2:22 in July.
Jon the Revalaytor starting at 7 PM 
Hailing from Austin, TX, Jon has a Hip Hop style that is hot
and relevant. He is a rapper, writer, and producer of music that
uplifts Jesus Christ.
DAV     Delivered; Adored; Victorious 7:45 PM 
D.A.V. is a Northeast Wisconsin phenomenon, featured Christian Music Weekly Rock chart #1 song “REACH  OUT” they feature strong vocals, exceptional lyrics and a sound that will not let you stay seated.  Come and see what all the hype is about!
          Delivered; Adored; Victorious 
Check out each of these bands below!

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