Upcoming Events

Saturday, November 5th, 2022, Doors open at 6pm and Show starts at 7pm
Nationally known comic, singer, speaker and all around strange
guy, PAUL ALDRICH brings his manic comedy to the stage at
Dwelling 222 on Saturday, November 5th.   Just in time to break
the stress and contention of the upcoming mid-term elections.
Paul’s talent is being able to take everyday things and see humor
in it, sometimes cynical, sometimes satirical, but always clean and
funny. Whether performing familiar tunes with new words, or
just sharing from his heart, his performance will leave you
laughing, thinking and thankful.
Veteran of a Banana’s TV episode, his own produced Paul Aldrich
& Friends TV show in Tennessee, he has been seen on Dry Bar
Comedy, appeared at the Improv and on a Showtime special.
He has 13 projects completed including MOCK N ROLL, which I
suggest you buy and listen to, but not while in the car….it could
be hazardous to your health!
This is just the ticket to remind us of the fun in life, before the
election gloom and doom. Discounts for groups of 10 or more
are available.