Past Events

Cochren & Co

Friday, August 26th, 2022. Doors open at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7 pm.

Michael Cochren is a singer/songwriter and worship leader born
and raised in a small Indiana town. After graduating from school,
Cochren began to play music across the country with a band of
friends under the name Cochren & Co. With hope-filled lyrics
and timeless melodies, Cochren & Co. blur the lines between
American pop, soft rock, and soul/blues to create a sound all their
Dove Award-nominated Cochren & Co has toured coast to coast
amassing a loyal following of new listeners where they go. Their
debut full-length album “Don’t Lose Hope” was released on
Gotee Records in 2021 and includes Billboard Top 10 Radio hits,
“Church (Take Me Back)”, “One Day”, and “Who Can”. The title-
track, “Don’t Lose Hope” was featured in a new episode of CBS’s
MacGyver. With a full touring schedule and new music on the
way, Cochren & Co is only getting started.


Friday, July 15th, 2022, Doors open at 6 pm, and concert starts at 7 pm.

The band has a long history. We are a family so we go WAY back! M
Stands for Mama, P for Preacher, and K for Kids. MPK stands for Mama
and the Preacher’s Kids. Precious Mama went to heaven in September
18, 2019 in a horrific motorcycle accident. She loved that Can-Am
Spyder as much as she loved being in a band. We MISS her terribly and
life WILL NEVER be the same. But our GOOD GOD wastes nothing. He
can use the worst of our tragedies and nightmares for His glory when
we surrender our lives to HIM. We have sensed His leading and calling
in these perilous times and press forward together to seek His face and
do His will on the earth using Celtic music as a vehicle for the Gospel.


Friday, June 17th, 2022, Doors open at 6 pm, and concert starts at 7 pm


Kash Memphis, a hip hop artist out of Nashville (or as Kash calls
it, “HIP HOSPEL”)has been making waves with a style that has
been compared to Toby Mac, yet maintaining his own signature
A 14-year veteran of the military, Kash has struggled with issues
throughout his life including brokenness and drug addiction and
his music reflects the struggles, the journey and the faith that
saved him. Come and hear his songs, stories and enjoy the
music that WORQ/Q-90 has been playing for a while now.
Three years ago he stepped out in faith to follow a dream to be a
musician. Come and see what God has wrought!


Saturday, May 14th, Doors open at 6pm concert starts at 7 pm (VIP @ 5:15)

For pop worship band I AM THEY, believing in God’s faithfulness
is an active exercise in trust. After years of member transition
and internal uncertainty with how or even why to move forward,
they are leaning on Hebrews 10:23 – “Let us hold unswervingly to
the hope we profess, for He who is promised is faithful.” The
band – made up of Matt Hein (vocals, guitar), Abbie Parker,
(vocals), Brandon Chase (vocals, guitar), Justin Shinn (keys) and
Nicole Hickman (drums) – poured the challenges of the past,
hope for the future and a newfound joy for the present into their
third album, Faithful God. More than a collection of new
songs, Faithful God is a look back and a look forward, a
declaration of promises kept and promises yet to come.

Listen Here!

Listen Here!

Friday, March 18th, Doors open at pm and the concert starts at 7 pm
Adelaide (Laura) is at it again! She is excited to be releasing a solo album and sharing the new songs (along with singing favorites from past albums) with YOU!  So that EVERYONE who wants to attend may come, there will be NO CHARGE for this concert, but a free-will love offering will be taken.
Nationally known, internationally followed, she has scored hits with “FEET OF JESUS”, “DEEP WATERS”, “THE BIGGER PICTURE”, “STRONG+BRAVE”, and “MY MIRACLE” (with JJ Weeks). Veterans of FIVE appearances at Lifest, numerous national tours, and several highly acclaimed and received CDs. She will ignite the stage with passion, purpose, and God’s power. You know her sound, you know her heart, you know her ministry, so come out and celebrate the new project and worship, one night only in Oshkosh @ Dwelling 2:22.

Friday, February 18th, Doors open at 6 pm, show starts at 7 pm ( VIP access before the doors open)
Jason Gray returns to the stage at Dwelling 2:22, featuring new songs and a new show.  Hailing from Minnesota, his journey to being a household name in Christian music was not an easy one. Like many “overnight successes”, Jason started in youth ministry in 1993 before launching his full-time music ministry. It wasn’t until 2007, when his album, “Everything Sad is Coming Untrue” climbed into the top 20 before he was starting to make waves.
2010 brought “MORE LIKE FALLING IN LOVE” which topped out at #5 and then the song for which he is best known (so far), “REMIND ME WHO I AM” came out in 2011 and made it to #4. His latest album, ORDER, DISORDER, REORDER is a three-CD set that tracks his journey and resonates with many of us.


Community Worship Night! 

Friday, January 7th, Doors open at 6 pm, show starts at 7 pm

Join Dwelling 222 in welcoming Calvary SonRise to the stage for Community Worship night. Spend the night in Worship to the King with friends from the community.

Fish Sticks Comedy

Friday, December 10th, Doors open at 6 pm show starts at 7 pm

Fish Sticks Comedy is one of the largest, always-all age-appropriate improv comedy teams in the US.  Although few improv troupes last more than a few years, and even fewer continue to grow and progress in what they do, let alone do it during a pandemic — but that’s what’s happened within Fish Sticks.  Some of that certainly is attributable to the fun and funny people within our troupe has to do with where we’ve come from (and you can read a bit more about our history if you wish) – but even more, has come from understanding who we are and how we serve.

It starts with our unique approach to improv – something we call “other-centered improv.”  We can share more of the importance of that philosophy, but in short, it means that everything we do, on-stage or off, is for someone else first.  It sounds like a little thing, but it has a profound impact.  We can promise diva-free experiences because we care more about our event hosts accomplishing their goals than getting a certain amount of prominence in the evening.  We care more about the experience of each audience member than getting an easy laugh at someone’s expense or making someone uncomfortable by pulling them onstage.  And because we care more about each other than ourselves, our improv is better, too.

We’ve also established a unique mission for an improv team — we want to connect people and their communities through improv.  Yes, we will make your audience’s cheeks hurt from laughing, but we are more than entertainment.  We create community experiences.  We connect with our audiences like no other improv troupe, and we connect our audiences to our show hosts and each other in ways that no one else does — in part because that’s not generally their goal.


Josh Wilson 

Saturday, November 13th,  doors open at 5:30 pm for VIP, 6 pm general admission, and concert at 7 pm


Josh has 7 top 10 hits in Christian music, yet one wouldn’t think that a young man with a wonderful marriage, strong Christian convictions, and a career on the rise would face any obstacles. Well, not true.  2012 saw Josh facing a serious panic attack that led him to believe he was having a heart attack. Far from being a one-time event, Josh faced repeated attacks that nearly
led to the cancellation of performances. This emotional wake-up call makes up the basis for his album CARRY ME (released in 2013); Josh has often used real-life experiences to fuel his songs. Odd that the attacks happened in the same year that he was given the CHRISTIAN SONGWRITER/ARTIST OF THE YEAR from ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers), but he has learned to take it all in stride.
His last 2 albums have been top 5 rated in Christian music and fresh off of top 10 hits, REVOLUTIONARY Josh’s next single UNDENIABLE is climbing the charts and promises to be another hit for him.


Jean Watson 

Friday, October 15 doors open at 6 pm and concert starts at 7 pm


A classically-trained singer, violinist, speaker, and writer, Jean Watson has touched the lives of thousands of listeners through her music and her compelling testimony of God’s healing grace.  Based in Michigan, Jean maintains a full-time speaking and performing schedule all over the
world in concert halls, churches, coffeehouses, prisons, and homeless shelters. She feels a particular calling to the nation of Ireland where she hosts a daily radio show on United Christian Broadcasting Radio Ireland.
In addition to her radio show, Jean has appeared on The 700 Club, TBN's Praise The Lord and other media outlets across the globe. In 2018, Jean completed her first book, “Everything Can Change in Forty Days” published by Seedbed Publishers. She is in high demand as a
conference speaker and frequently ministers as a spokesperson for Prison Fellowship International.  No stranger to contemporary Christian music, Jean recently released her tenth CD produced by CCM veteran Billy Smiley. She has been privileged to record with some of Nashville’s finest musicians, including Michael W. Smith, Phil Keaggy, Russ Taff, David Meece, Matt Slocum
(Sixpence None The Richer), and Peter Furler of the Newsboys.
Jean is honored to be married to Mark Roberts, a pastor, and retired Air Force Chaplain.  Together, they have a blended family of seven children, eight grandchildren, four chickens, two dogs, and a horse. When she is not traveling, Jean enjoys spending time with her family and playing violin in the Kalamazoo Symphony.


Jonny Diaz

Friday, September 17th, Doors open at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7 pm


General Admission–$15
VIP/early in—$25

Call 920-267-7707 to avoid ticketing fees

Three years ago, Diaz wrote an album called Everything Is Changing because everything was, well, changing. It’s not something
he’s said to many people before, but at the time, Diaz thought it would be his last album.

He was touring around 100 days a year, starting a business with his wife, had just become a father…And beyond the busy schedule, the music industry had become more draining of life than giving. The focus was on making a product to sell rather than to fulfill a passion. Songwriting sessions were formulaic instead of inspiration-led. Diaz was feeling the industry more than
the music.

Then something happened that changed everything all over again: Jonny’s song “Breathe”– a last-minute toss as a radio single–
resonated quickly with listeners and became a hit. Suddenly it was time to reevaluate his music career all over again.

“Of course, God had to use a song about finding peace to be humble me to actually do so,” Diaz laughs. “I was burned out,
exhausted, but with “Breathe” He showed me ‘You can do this and stay grounded in the other important parts of your life. You
have a calling to do this, and there is a way you can use this gift and live that out while maintaining peace.’”

The Travis Lee Band 

Friday, August 20th doors open at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7 pm

The Travis Lee Band is a husband-wife (plus 1) team from Missiouri.  They left the work a day world in 2009 to obey God call unreached people to the cross of Christ.  Travis, Allegra and their five kids (and father-in-law) travel around the US bringing their songs of hope, encouragement and salvation to any and every venue offered them.

Whether leading worship or singing their own songs, their harmony, charm and moving lyrics will challenge and touch you.  Join us for a blessed evening of stories, songs and laughter as Travis and Allegra bring their RV to Dwelling 2:22 on Friday, August 20th at 7pm for a FREE concert.  A love offering will be taken to help offset their expenses.

Erskin and Brendan Brooks 

Friday, August 6th,  Doors open at 6 pm and concert at 7 pm

Jedidiah Tuyls

Friday, July 16th Doors open at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7 pm

He had dabbled in the drug culture and was headed in the wrong direction until a philosophy class caused him to question atheist arguments.  God rescued him from pursuing demonic interests; he has since honored Him with his music and in his marriage.  Father of one, Jed, is excited with his new EP project, “GREY,” just released in May, and it is available for purchase at the merchandise table.

 He was in a country band in 2018 and was actually nominated for 3 WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Awards, very prestigious for local bands.

Rachel Nehring

Friday, June 18th Doors open at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7 pm

2021 Valley Christian graduate, Rachel Nehring, will give her first-ever live concert at Dwelling 2:22 on Friday, June 18th.  Rachel is no stranger to music or performance, has appeared in many stage plays for Valley Christian and local theatre groups, and has led worship at Calvary SonRise, in Oshkosh.  Come and see why as she covers worship and Christian anthems in this FREE concert.


Rising stars at Dwelling 222 

Friday, May 21 Doors open at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7 pm

Farther Along

Farther Along began when Rick and Matt were reacquainted after 40 years.  Both shared a desire to share worship through music.  Tom joined soon after in what appeared to be a chance meeting.  The musical backgrounds of Celtic, Blues, Country, Jazz, and Rock & Roll converged.

Music previously had taken them down different roads.  Now, Farther Along in their walk, the band’s vision is to bring glory to God through different styles of music to appeal to everyone while combining original songs with traditional and contemporary Christian music.

House of Jesse Worship 

House of Jesse Worship is a family worship duo based out of Milwaukee.  HOJW is run by Christan and his wife, Abigail.  They started singing together in college, where they both came back to Christ and began walking in faith together.  After college, they went to Dallas while Christian finished his M.M. in Composition and then moved back to Wisconsin with their baby boy.  They perform at weddings and are active in worship at Epikos Church.  Check them out on YouTube and Facebook!


Friday, April 16, 2021 

Doors open at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7 pm

Erskin Anavitarte is a Texas-born Singer-Songwriter, Diversity Spokesman, Adoption Advocate, and music Co-Producer. He connects with people through his energetic personality, musical artistry, and lyrical truth. Whether across the country or around the world, Erskin’s focus is to strengthen ministries, engage the culture and create impactful art.

He has recently finished recording his sixth album entitled Love Moves, which features the popular anthems Grace Made the First Move and Only Love. With culturally relevant singles such as Black and White and the song Life Matters, Erskin tackles long-standing issues of race and religion in his artistry. Discover his music on Tidal, Spotify, iTunes, and ReverbNation.

Erskin currently resides in Nashville, TN, with his wife Kelli and their two children. Their heart for orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable people has led Erskin and his family to become advocates for several non-profit organizations, including Holt International, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Life Action, and Project Connect Nashville


Friday, April 9th, 2021 

Doors open at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7 pm

Join Dwelling 2:22 and the community in Worshipping our King. It is an amazing night of joining together in Worship and prayer. We are being joined by Ambush Worship!

Brendan Brooks 

Friday, March 19th, 2020 7 PM (Doors open at 6 pm)


A Wisconsin native, Brendan has opened for many big name artists, travels the country and led worship for Calvary Chapel’s Youth Conference, this past summer. Hehas also co-wrote a song with Matthew West



Jason Gray

 Friday, March 5th, 2020 concert starts at 7 pm (Doors open at 6 pm) 


Jason has collaborated with Sara GrovesAndrew PetersonJoel Hanson (frontman for 90s Christian rock band PFR), Andy Gullahorn, Randall GoodgameJason IngramThad CockrellAndy Osenga (of Caedmon’s Call), and others. He has toured with Jeremy CampSanctus RealMatthew WestShawn McDonalddownhereBig Daddy WeaveThe AftersMark Schultz and others.[4]

Jason has won two ASCAP Performance Awards for “More Like Falling in Love” (2011) and “Good to Be Alive” (2012).[citation needed] He has shared the stage with many major artists such as Michael W. SmithSteven Curtis Chapman and Sanctus Real.[5] His first No. 1 single, “Nothing Is Wasted,” reached the top spot on the Soft AC Chart in May 2013 and remained there for nine weeks.[6]

His release in 2012 was named Album of the Year by critics and garnered three Top 5 radio singles, which included the “Nothing Is Wasted” single.[7] Also, in May 2013, he was honored at ASCAP’s 35th Annual Christian Music Awards with the “Most Performed Song Award” for his song “Good to Be Alive,” co-written with Brandon Heath and Jason Ingram. The song was a Top 5 single on Christian radio and was released on Gray’s album A Way to See in the Dark.[8]



Friday, February 19th, Starting at 6:30 PM, Doors open at 6 PM.  

TICKETS $12.00 

Bands include Blue Fire Horizon, Jon the Revalaytor, and DAV! Join us for a night of great music and fellowship! 

Blue fire Horizon starting at 6:30 PM.

A new metalcore band from Fond du Lac, they burst
on the scene last summer with their new EP, “DOWN WITH LEVIATHAN,” played extensively on Q-90, they kicked off
their careers with an EP Release Party at Dwelling 2:22 in July.
Jon the Revalaytor starting at 7 PM 
Hailing from Austin, TX, Jon has a Hip Hop style that is hot
and relevant. He is a rapper, writer, and producer of music that
uplifts Jesus Christ.
DAV     Delivered; Adored; Victorious 7:45 PM 
D.A.V. is a Northeast Wisconsin phenomenon, featured Christian Music Weekly Rock chart #1 song “REACH  OUT” they feature strong vocals, exceptional lyrics and a sound that will not let you stay seated.  Come and see what all the hype is about!
          Delivered; Adored; Victorious 
Check out each of these bands below!


Spirited Strings

January 15th, 2021 at 7:00 pm (Doors open at 6:00 pm) 

Named the 2019 Christian/Gospel Artist of the Year by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry, Spirited Strings–which is a part of “Alicia Michelle Music”–is a group of Christian siblings who use string instruments to glorify God. Their concerts include music played on a variety of instruments, such as the violin, viola, cello, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, Irish flute, hammered dulcimer, psaltery, and mountain dulcimer.


January 8th, 2021 at 7:00 pm (Doors open at 6:00 pm) 

Join Dwelling 2:22 and the community in Worshipping our King. It is an amazing night of joining together in Worship and prayer. We are being joined by Ambush Worship!

A Don Shire Christmas

December 18th, 2020

Don Shire brings his ministry in music and stories to the stage at Dwelling 2:22 as he performs your favorite Christmas tunes and hymns as we celebrate Christ’s birth. Don has been playing for decades, whether at a conference, church, retreat or from the bow of a boat on the Sea of Galilee, his talent his top rate. He will talk about his music ministry and his passion for missions. FREE WILL offering will be taken to bless him and his ministry.


Friday, November 13th 

**Please note all previously purchased tickets will be honored for the new November 13th date.  Thank you for your understanding, we, as well as Mark, look forward to seeing you in November.**

Mark Schultz is coming to Dwelling 2:22 to share his songs and stories with us. He is a contemporary Christian music artist who has sold over 1.3 million albums and has 10 No. 1 singles to date.

Listeners have come to expect inspiring and remarkable stories in songs from Mark Schultz, a 14-time Dove Award nominee and platinum-selling artist who touches hearts whether he sings about parents praying for a sick child (“He’s My Son”), or writes in honor of his great-grandmother’s sons who fought in World War II (“Letters From War”).

And with his latest effort, All Things Possible, Schultz continues to tackle matters of the heart and spirit with uncommon craftsmanship. Though, the past five years have impacted this artist in ways he could’ve never predicted or expected. He’s lived in Europe, started the Remember Me Mission with his wife to help orphans (Schultz himself is adopted), and became a father in 2012 to a boy, Ryan Samuel Schultz.

General admission ticket $15
Gold seating $25
Meet and greet $35 (includes early entrance 5:30 pm)

To bypass handling fees please contact Mike Braun
Phone: (920) 267-7707



A local trio of ladies who have a very soft pop style.  two sisters and a friend that have been together for many years will be a joy to the heart and delight to the ears! Doors open at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7 pm.


September 18th, 
Open Mic Night at Dwelling presents four artists/bands, NEW to the Dwelling stage.

About this Event

Dwelling will have it’s first-ever Open Mic Night featuring the music of  Joshua Ian Lucas, Jedidiah,  and Temple Veil for a night of eclectic Christian music, worship and just plain fellowship. Doors will open at 6 pm for concessions;  Joshua Ian Lucas will take the stage at 7 pm, the show will be closed by Temple Veil . Come on out and support these bands and enjoy a variety of musical genre


July 31, 2020

Blue Fire Horizon began as a concept in November of 2019. It was just two guys in a basement with the same calling – to share the Gospel through heavy metal music. The name is a metaphor for the Second Coming of Christ. “Blue” signifies faith. “Fire” represents being alive. And “Horizon” is symbolic of that point in the future when we will meet our Savior face to face. The EP ‘Down With Leviathan’ centers around that topic; drawing a lot of its inspiration from the book of Revelation. Our goal is to speak the raw, unfiltered truth of Scripture through our music. Zachariah Turnage (vocals) and Keagan Lee (composer, guitars) are the founding members. Rock Arellano (drums) and Hunter Chapin (also guitars) joined shortly after the release of the single ‘War Is Everything’ to complete the lineup.


June 19, 2020

Bruce has won 2 Grammy and 7 Dove Awards, selling over 2.5 million albums in the process. He was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame. Twice nominated as Songwriter of the year by the Gospel Music Association, he brings his poignant lyrics, gentle voice and acoustic style to the stage at Dwelling 2:22. He has 10 solo albums to his credit and has written songs for Compassion International and From His Heart Ministries.

Here are a couple of links to provide you with just a sampling of what you can expect to hear:  Fight to be Weak and When He Reigns, He Pours

February 21, 2020

The Rockin’ Psalms is made up of veterans of Cup O Joy’s open mic nights.  All are employed outside of their concerts, but have turned their passion for music and love for the Cup O Joy into a ministry where they play to raise money for the Cup O Joy ministry in Green Bay.

They take the Psalms and put them into a contemporary music format much like the Israelites did in David’s day.  However, they utilize guitar, bass, drums, harmonica and flute.  Here are just a few songs they have written:  Psalm 8 How Excellent is Thy Name and Psalm 29 Give Unto the Lord.

January 17, 2020

Remnant has been playing contemporary Christian music and leading worship for over 30 years.  They have played at colleges, churches and other venues all across the United States.

They hold the distinction of playing at the very first Lifest in Oshkosh.

Gene Schmitt has written songs that have become anthems for many ministries and pro life causes.  His song “Voice of the Martyrs” was the featured song for Voice of the Martyrs (a ministry for persecuted Christians across the world).

He also serves as Chairman of the Christian Singers, Songwriters and Musicians International, a network of over 300 worship leaders, musicians and singer/songwriters in Christian music.

January 3, 2020


Community Worship Night with Arilya

Dwelling 222 is pleased to have Arilya help us with our first quarterly community worship night.

From Pulaski, WI, Arilya is a contemporary Christian pop rock band that believes that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Fronted by worship leader Sandi Hermann this trio strives to use modern music to present a message of hope and to lead others to the compassion of Christ.

No tickets necessary, please come and lift up your voice in praise to the LORD. Doors open at 6 pm for snacks, refreshments and fellowship.

December 19, 2019

Studio 8th Street Band will help you celebrate this Christmas season with a special Christmas concert. This family band features harmonies, songwriting, upbeat, energetic performances. From Manitowoc, they played at Manitowoc PraiseFest, Cup O Joy and other venues. Come and take part in a celebration at Dwelling 2:22 of Christ’s birth with the Krumrich family which consist of mom, dad & 3 harmonizing, guitar and keyboard playing daughters. This surely will be a Christmas show to remember.

November 21, 2019

Carrollton is named after a small town in Kentucky, the band Carrollton shares music of truth and hope conceived from the struggles and experiences they’ve encountered along their journey together.  Their 2017 song Made for This was featured in ads for NBCUniversal coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics. They are a Indie-rock Christian band with five top 40 hits to their credit.

The band has come to realize that halfway commitments may be a safe bet, but safe bets rob our lives of their full potential. Love is everything. Love gave everything. So we must do the same. This philosophy resonates from beginning to end in their song Everything Or Nothing.

October 24, 2019 

Abigail is a contemporary Christian song writer.  She writes songs from her heart and sings from her heart. She has a clear crisp sound set to acoustic guitar accompaniment that is easy to listen to.  Abigail has recently performed at Harmony By the Bay, Cup O’ Joy, and Manitowoc Praisefest.  Also, she is currently recording a CD of her music.  Below is a snippet taken from her About page on Facebook:

“But what I do know is that God exists and has a greater plan than we could ever dream up on our own. He loves us and wants us to commit our lives to Him. This is the greatest joy we will ever find. Many, if not all, of the songs I have written are what I feel God wants to speak to me or other people. I can honestly say I didn’t think up most of the lyrics on my own, but rather had them spoken into my heart by the Creator. I hope you have a chance to listen to some of my music, and if it touches you, just know that it’s Him, not me. ”

September 26, 2019

Christian Contemporary band WE ARE LEO is bringing their high energy show to Dwelling 2:22 for an EXCLUSIVE Oshkosh concert. Featured on the soundtrack of God’s Not Dead-3 (You Light Up My World); WE ARE LEO will ignite the stage with their electronic pop sound, real & relevant lyrics and jamming rhythms as in their song Dimensions.

Based out of Kenosha, WI, they are a community of recording artists led by founder David Duffield, singer Joseph Sanborn, and guitarist Matt Gainsford. They are known for Pop, EDM, and Worship music and perform at events worldwide, sharing their authentic message of Hope and Love.

August 29, 2019

Tim Dorsey, an international entertainer of prodigious musical talents, has been singing since the late 1970s. He has an extensive vocal range, possesses breathtaking versatility and has a natural gift for vocal styling.

Audiences that have been captivated by this multi-talented singer/songwriter sense in him a freshness, a purity and an unspoiled quality untainted by crass commercialism.

If you close your eyes and listen to him sing a Stevie Wonder medley, you can’t help but be awestruck by the similarity in vocal expression between the two performers. As flattering as that comparison is, Tim has his own distinct musical styling that is characterized by precise phrasing and a velvet-smooth delivery.

A native of Pittsburgh, PA., where he lived until the age of 15, Tim was always musically inclined. He learned to play flute at the age of 9 and taught himself to play the piano in high school. One of his brothers played the upright bass and was a jazz musician, while the other was a hard rock guitarist. So from early on, he was exposed to a variety of musical influences.

This evening Tim will perform a wide variety of self-written songs about life, love, encouragement and our LORD.

August 2, 2019

Josh Gilbert is a Singer-Songwriter & Band, with a sound drawing from Americana music and a variety of genres. Josh’s influences can be placed somewhere along Adult Contemporary Acts such as NeedToBreathe, Johnnyswim, Train & even classic rock such as U2 and Allman Bros. Hailing originally from TN, he has been touring and performing nationally and internationally for over 12 years, across the U.S. and Canada – with over 1,000 performances. The Josh Gilbert Band members have included a network of friends, family & working musicians through the years who have stuck with him through thick and thin.

July 18, 2019

June 13, 2019

Don Shire offers his unique trumpet styling in concerts and meetings worldwide. His college education was at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago where he was a double major in Music and Christian Education. Reverend Shire was ordained as a minister of the Gospel by Impact International in 1994. In Ministry, Don has previously served as an Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor and Minister of Music. As a businessman, Don has been the president of two computer related businesses. In 1995, he responded to God’s leading to leave the business arena.

He currently is the featured guest in churches, mission conferences and evangelistic outreach throughout the United States and, as of today, 34 other countries. Music from Don’s recordings can be heard on radio across the United States and internet radio worldwide. He also coordinates short-term mission trips for church groups and individuals. Don’s ministry reaches to orphans and widows. His ministry now supports several orphanages and homes for widows in India, Haiti and Honduras. Don also currently serves on three mission boards.

Don Shire is married to Kathy, his wife since 1974, and they have three adult children and 10 grandchildren.

Don’s musical arrangements vary in style and his appeal is to all ages. He has 12 cd recordings that are available at concerts or his web site. His goal at each concert is to encourage Christians to serve and to help anyone that does not understand about Christianity to understand what it means to trust in Christ and to understand the depth of His love for them. With a concert schedule taking him to some of the largest churches in the United States as well as small churches in rural America, Don simply wants to serve where the Lord leads him.