Rising stars at Dwelling 222 

Friday, May 21 Doors open at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7 pm

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Farther Along


Farther Along began when Rick and Matt were reacquainted after 40 years.  Both shared a desire to share worship through music.  Tom joined soon after in what appeared to be a chance meeting.  The musical backgrounds of Celtic, Blues, Country, Jazz, and Rock & Roll converged.

Music previously had taken them down different roads.  Now, Farther Along in their walk, the band’s vision is to bring glory to God through different styles of music to appeal to everyone while combining original songs with traditional and contemporary Christian music.

House of Jesse Worship 

House of Jesse Worship is a family worship duo based out of Milwaukee.  HOJW is run by Christan and his wife, Abigail.  They started singing together in college, where they both came back to Christ and began walking in faith together.  After college, they went to Dallas while Christian finished his M.M. in Composition and then moved back to Wisconsin with their baby boy.  They perform at weddings and are active in worship at Epikos Church.  Check them out on YouTube and Facebook!

Rachel Nehring

Friday, June 18th Doors open at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7 pm

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2021 Valley Christian graduate, Rachel Nehring, will give her first-ever live concert at Dwelling 2:22 on Friday, June 18th.  Rachel is no stranger to music or performance, has appeared in many stage plays for Valley Christian and local theatre groups, and has led worship at Calvary SonRise, in Oshkosh.  Come and see why as she covers worship and Christian anthems in this FREE concert.

Jedidiah Tuyls

Friday, July 16th Doors open at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7 pm

He had dabbled in the drug culture and was headed in the wrong direction until a philosophy class caused him to question atheist arguments.  God rescued him from pursuing demonic interests; he has since honored Him with his music and in his marriage.  Father of one, Jed, is excited with his new EP project, “GREY,” just released in May, and it is available for purchase at the merchandise table.

 He was in a country band in 2018 and was actually nominated for 3 WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Awards, very prestigious for local bands.

Rockin’ Psalms

Friday, August 20th doors open at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7 pm

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The Rockin’ Psalms are made up of musicians from all over the state with a single desire to glorify God with their musical talents.  Unofficially, they are the “house” band of the Cup O Joy in Green Bay in that they accept no money for their concerts, but instead donate it all to the Cup O Joy.  Officially, they have a great sound and take the King James Version of the Scriptures and put them into contemporary music.  They have several CDs out, with proceeds benefitting either the Cup O Joy or various military support organizations.